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Our History

Nicholas Williams 
Financial Director 

Since its formation almost 40 years ago Penguin Engineering has been dedicated to quality and service in what has become an increasingly difficult market sector.


The wisdom of the words that to survive a company must learn to adapt to the constantly changing business environment have never been more accurate than in this region. Just look at some of the iconic buildings and continuing construction projects that have contributed to the  ever-changing face of Dubai and you realize that construction today is a mere resemblance of what it was 25 years ago.

Penguin Engineering is proud to say that we continue to embrace new technology and be part of the history as well as the future of the region.

John D. Rabot 
Chief Executive Officer

"Penguin Engineering does not employ salesmen or heavy advertising to keep our order book filled. We simply treat every project as if it were the first and last one.

We understand the value of our customers and strive to meet and surpass their expectations in delivering the project not only on time but with the minimum of fuss and encourage as much or as little involvement as it suits the customer.

We enjoy a wonderful ratio of staff retention in a hugely competitive market and therefore  Customers, Consultants and Supply Chain Partners enjoy the benefit of working with the same person repeatedly over the years.

Our strategy is simple: We work to our strengths and do not over commit. On this basis, we expect to continue the company development and enjoy a carefully managed market share for the next decade and beyond bringing success not only to Penguin Engineering but to everyone associated with us."