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Commercial Sector

At Penguin Engineering, we take pride in the successes achieved by our MEP Design & Build initiatives in the commercial field. In close interaction and dialogue with our clients and their consultants, we work towards meeting client requirements.
We are a company involved in diverse activities that we have grown to specialize in over many years. Penguin has also introduced a flexible strategy along with innovative designs that can be adapted by the client. Our extensive scope of work includes Electrical, Mechanical, Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Drainage, Waste Supplies, Fire Alarms& Fire Fighting, Pumping Stations, Structured Cabling, Security Systems inc CCTV, access systems, Data Centers, Lighting Control Systems, etc.
For each of these, all the designing is done by our own team of engineers and then executed on site by our wellͲtrained and disciplined workforce.
We specialize in fast-track contracts without compromising on the work quality or delivery standards. The results are projects brought in on time to the highest benchmarks.

Xerox HQ Building
Rasis Development HQ 

Limitless Building

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi